Finding The Balance for Love

Choosing a Valentine Gift

Children have it relatively easy when it comes to celebrating Valentine’s Day because they are generally safe if they give friends or classmates a generic card, and they can include a candy with it. The sweets and cards are pleasant to receive, but there is little thought that needs to go into the entire process. Adults have a much more difficult path when choosing a Valentine gift, and it often centres on pleasing the person they love. Whether they are in a long term relationship or not, the meaning behind the gift will be what they want to convey to the other person.

Following tradition

There are many adults who believe following tradition is a form of continuity, but that is not necessarily so on this special day. Giving a partner a simple card with some candy might be fine on the first year, but breaking out of that mold could lead the couple to a deeper relationship. The traditional gifts of flowers and candy are very sweet, but a relationship survives on more than sweetness. The gift giver might consider a small addition to those traditional gifts, but it should convey thoughts on the meaning of their relationship instead of the giver’s budget.

Cost considerations

It would be a perfect world if every person could afford anything, but the reality is that not all gifts are affordable. Many people choose to settle for something like what they know their partner wants, but they purchase something less expensive. Cost considerations are important, but it might be more reasonable to save up for that special gift than buy something of less value. It will show a partner that their wishes really matter, and the discipline to save over time will show that economic realities do not always constitute an obstacle to providing a partner something of true value.

How to choose

There are few classes on how to choose the best gift, but one rule of thumb is to look at an object carefully. If it reminds the buyer of the person they want to give a gift, it will generally be received well. Cost should never be a reason to purchase any personal gift for a partner, so it matters little if it is expensive or economical. A partner who expects to be given only the most expensive gifts is generally one who will not stay long if the money ever runs out, so it does not matter what they really receive. Looking for a good gift is much better than just purchasing something because it is expensive.

The giving of gifts can be a minefield, but there are ways to narrow the choices for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. A partner who is traditional can rely on candy and flowers, but they should also find a card that expresses their true feelings for the other person. For those who find they would rather skip tradition, finding a good gift is simply a matter of matching a present to the person they love. Keeping within a budget can be difficult, but the cost should not be more than the giver can afford.